Bikini Beach News 2005

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17th December 2005

Friendly TV announce on the Digital Spy forum that Bikini Beach should be returning to our screens mid January 2006.

It will feature a new set and an example was published as above. This news came shortly after the failed replacement "World Wide Quiz" was dropped this week in favour of the superior Cash House format.

Lets hope the new Bikini Beach will see Claira joined by some of our favourite BB presenters like Zoe, Anna Fowler (talent currenly wasted on Nation217) and Charlotte Mears.

Meanwhile Ashly Rae continues in her movie career. Press articles are available in the PHOTOS section.

Long live Bikini Beach!

14th December 2005

Zoe French stands in again on Roulette and is on top form, its criminal she isn't regulaly on our TV screens.

5th December 2005

Suprise stand in on Roulette - ex Bikini Beach presenter Zoe French looking great! Email "comments @" to ask for more Zoester!

24th November 2005

Watch out for ex Bikini Beach Babe Charlotte Mears in 'Cat Fight' on Tues 29th November & then a tour. Full details can be found at

3rd November 2005

Zoe French returns to 'Friendly TV' at 6pm on Roulette looking stunning. You can email her at "comments @" . Anna Fowler continues on nation217 but no news of any of our other favourite Bikini Beach presenters.

25th October 2005

Final version of Marks Bikini Beach windows screen saver released. Features interactive quiz plus! Click HERE for final Version (2). As with all these things you download & install at your own risk - it has been tested on Windows XP.

19th October 2005

Claire (ex Cash House) presents as she did last night with a guest contestant. Sad news from Friendly TV - Duodam's (& half hour on Bikini Beach!) Estela has gone back to Lithuania after her 5 week contract. Her replacment is Lina who joins Aiste on DUODAM!

17th October 2005

The Bikini Beach replacement 'World Wide Quiz' was finally due on air 2pm today. So far just another quiz show without any of the presenters we grew to love on the Beach except Claira who apparently is only on during the daytime shift. Syrita (ex Cash House) presented from 6pm and apparently Kyle (ex Cash House) was on later in the evening. A contestant was also briefly seen although it didn't hold our interest long enough to confirm what happened.

Thank god we still have DUODAM on channel 208 for a few hours in the afternoon with Aiste & Estella presenting in Luthiaunian.... a breath of fresh air in this stale land of boring rip-off premium rate quiz tv.

12th October 2005

New version (1.2b) of Bikini-Beach screen Saver released

11th October 2005

Yesterday Friendly TV announced that the launch of the replacement to Bikini Beach called 'World Wide Quiz' has been further delayed. Checkout the FUN! section for a whole new Anna's Casebook.

6th October 2005

Test Version of Bikini-Beach Screen Saver released (Ver 1.1). Thanks to Mark "Brainz".

3rd October 2005

Friendly TV announce that the Worldwide Quiz is only on test this week & will start next Monday. Check out the CAPTURE pages for last bikini Beach show screen shots.

2nd Sept 2005 - Last Bikini Beach

Oreke & Claira present the last show (sorry I refuse to say 'ever'!). The final hour was fabulous as we got to see the Bikini Gods, the studio, inside viewers houses (inc Gerhard & mine!) and best of all got phone calls from Zoe, Casey & Charlotte. Thanks to David Wainwright the station owner for giving the show the send off it deserved and asking the fans what they would like in the last show. Also a big thanks to ALL staff past & present for bringing us this odd little show!

I think Bikini Beach is probably well known in broadcasting circles and may become a legend! I wish the new shows like 'World Quiz' the best of luck and really hope to see all the presenters we have grown to love either on Friendly TV or on other TV channels. I also hope that FTV will do the odd 'one off' like a Bikini Beach Christmas Special - Please!

1st Sept 2005

Oreke & Claira present the last Saturday night on the Beach.

30th Sept 2005

Oreke presents the Beach & Kyle Cushman stands in.

29th September 2005

Francesca & Charlotte present their last shows on the Beach. We wish the girls the best of luck & hope to see them on our TV screens soon. Thanks for all the hours you put in entertaining us!

28th September 2005

Francesca Stone announces she will do the show on her own tonight as Charlotte is ill. The show will end at 9pm as a result. She said they both hope to do a show (her last) tommorrow. Technical problems with the computer amuse us all - See CAPTURE section.

27th September 2005

Claira & Charlotte plus some excellent moving beach scenes - like it! Later in the evening publicity film of former BB presenter Zoe French & Claira at Caines was shown.

26th September

Claira & Charlotte grace our screens for the last ever BB Monday!

25th September

Ashly & Claira do the Sunday night stint. Ashly confirms on air that the Beach will close next Sunday.

Statement from Friendly TV:
"Bikini Beach is indeed coming to an end. It's time to move on, work on new formats, explore new boundaries. Many thanks for the support over the last 9 months. 30th Sept (will be the last show). It may come back next year with a variation. You will like the replacement Babehouse coming on Hollywood. The new quiz shows will be more gameshow focussed. I think the CallTV format has got stale and boring. Our new formats intend to inject some life back into the industry - pioneers that stand still get arrrows in their back! Once again thanks for the support - you can now have your evenings back."

Casey has already left the Beach for new projects. Good luck to you Casey, please keep us informed of where you can be seen!

24th September 2005

Elisa returns to Cash House although it is now a rather poor substiute version called Jackpot or something. Only Oreke turns up for the show & after a brave attempt to carry on it ends early.

21st September

Charlotte & Francesca grace our screens with a 'which eyes belong to the sheep' quiz, complete with callers being asked to give sheep impressions - "this is what they want!"

20th September

Kristina announces on air that this is her last day on the Beach. BB is on short time this week (6pm - 10pm) so she waves goodbye at 10pm. This is sad news - we love Kristina who is a wonderful presenter but she is going into teaching..
Good luck to you Kristina!.

19th September - National Speak like a Pirate Day

Casey & Claira again on the Beach and more trouble with the mice! (pic thanks to John Ashburnham)

18th September 2005

Casy & Claira in matching Red Bikinis encounter the studio mouse & Casey runs off mid phone call screaming! One to add to my great Bikini Beach moments!

16th September

Zoe starts her new job on nation 217 at 5pm. Bikini Beach starts late after technical difficulties with Casey. Oreke introduces new girl Stella from Luthiania. A thumbs up on her performance besides the good looks.

12th Sept 2005

Anna appears on nation 217 at 5pm UK time & seems to be having a whale of a time! Claira on the Beach with Chantel helping out.

11th Sept 2005

Zoe French does her final show (alone) on the Beach with a little help from 'Pablo'. The show ends early & 9:45 with Zoe saying goodbye. Good luck Zoe with your new job at nation 217 with Anna.

10th Sept 2005

Picture by John Ashburnham

Annas last appearence was on Friendly TV this afternoon on Cash House. BREAKING NEWS: Just had the following message from Zoe French:-
"I am terribly sorry to tell you this.. but its my last night on Sunday you may tell people now.. and Anna has left too.. we are both going to Nation 217. Anna starts on Monday and I start on Friday we got offered a contract and took it up... Thanks for everything and being a great fan..and say thankyou to everyone else from me.."

8th Sept 2005

Anna announces on air tonight is her last night on the Beach. Her final show will be Saturday on Cash House. This is indeed sad news but hopefully good news for Anna if she has another job in TV. On the happy front she said Francis the Crayfish would be back.

4th Sept 2005

Anna makes it to finals of Channels 4's 4T presenter competition but loses out to the final 2. Sorry Anna - We know who should have won!

31st Sept 2005

Return of Francesca & Charlotte wears a girly pink bikini with golden belt & matching golden hair. Nice.

28th August 2005

Due to a no show Zoe is left to present on her own. Fortunately Roulettes Gareth steps in to save the day in the guise of Pablo the BB Barman!

26th August 2005

Bikini Beach short of presenters so Roulettes Chantel helps out.

21st August 2005

New website layout with java menu system. Zoe is still ill & Charlotte came home to a flooded flat.

18th August 2005

Things back to normal with Charlotte & Emily on BB. Roulette & Lucky Star TV are also back to normal programming

16th August 2005

No Bikini Beach, Roulette or Lucky Star tonight - instead we have Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh

11th August 2005

Difficult decisions! Anna & Charlotte on Bikini Beach clash against Zoe & Elisa on Lucky Star... truly spoilt for choice!

9th August 2005

Jack Dita stands in for Ashly to help out Charlotte including removing her Wet suit!

3rd August 2005

Bikini Beach is back! Welcome news that the Beach format has returned - All channels go off air for 3/4 hour but thankfully return as we go to 'press' (7:30pm)

28th July 2005

Anna & Charlotte. Anna says Bikini Beach will return & there may be alternate days with the Gym. welcomes this news! - it's great to see different sets & themes (see fun pages!) but don't forget the Bikini Beach!

26th July 2005

Yet another format, its now set in a Gym. What's it's relevance to Bikini Beach?

23rd July 2005

Beach back to normal with Emily & Elisa standing in. For some reason the hoola music has been replaced - Please bring back the Hoola Muzak!

22nd July 2005

Bikini Beach returns to the airwaves apparently after Power cuts "on the Island". Anna & Ashly present, athough they seem to keep getting interupted & told to stop talking - this is ruining the show!

21st July 2005

Still no output from the channels & all websites unobtainable

20th July 2005

Cash House has technical problems, then no Roulette or Bikini Beach! Digital Spy BB Forum members frantic!

18th July 2005

Casey & Emily introduce the new Daily Star promotion. New closing time is midnight.

14th July 2005

Return of Anna & the original Backdrops pictures - On Screen Graphics are behind presenters

8th July 2005

Emily has a wardrobe failure! (See fun pages)

7th July 2005

International Terrorism takes Bikini Beach off the air for the night

6th July 2005

New Set - Beach Hut

4th July 2005 - 11pm

Casey & Zoe introduce new girl Orika

3rd July 2005 - 6pm

Zoe French has returned to Bikini Beach rejoining Claira.
We at (Dave, Karen & Riz the cat) welcome her back!

13th June 2005 - Confirmation of Zoe's sacking

"Hello Dave yes its true, Im sacked.. I did have a warning, but I thought I was
doing ok. Never mind, I will be working for cellcast and your destiny tv.
Your site is brilliant,, keep up the good work.
Thankyou for all the compliments, and I am lucky to have such lovely people as my fans and
I sent you an email with what you can post on digital spy etc