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13th October 2014

This website is moving to a new location... The domain will no longer be used after this has happened.
16th March 2009

Today Riz the cat sadly died - Riz was the original insiration for this website when i posted a Photo of her watching Bikini Beach.

6th January 2007

This website is no longer updated and is kept here as a reminder to what once was. It is for enjoyment only.

8th October 2006

New Emily weblink added thanks to 'John Garbage'. The lovely Zoe French has been spotted on Roulette recently and she is doing a grand job. Another presenter has asked for their details to be removed from this site due to a career change and I have oblidged... Good luck in your new career.

21st June 2006


John has sent in these rare shots of Alexandra Simm Wise who until now was only 'rumoured' to have been on Bikini-Beach in those early days of 2005. Great detective work John! More old shots including Alex can be found HERE.

John Ashburton recently sent me in screen captures of our Zoe and Anna in their current employment. See them and others HERE.

27th May 2006

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Well, after the first night (6th May) I havn't seen any evidence of Bikini Beach, only other shows featuring Claira. It seemed the show did have other bikini clan models live (not just a recording as I had assumed due to the poor quality of the transmission) by the indoor pool and a bar man who didn't seem to want to speak (equity?). At the end they threw the guy in the pond. I think the girl diving into the pond to reveal the number from a 'sunken treasure chest' is/will be a pre-recording as she isn't going to do this all evening! The music was up beat rather than the preferred hoola music and it all seemed far away from the lower budget format I had grown to love. If the Beach returns please email me in, I would also appreciate some screen shots of the new show to put on the site.

6th May 2006

Thanks to Gerhard for informing me that Bikini Beach has returned to the air with Claira presenting on the promised new set. There appears to be clips cleverly woven in of girls by and in a pool. It can be found on Hollywood TV (Sky channel 163) until 9pm.

Bikini Beach Radio?

I have an internet radio station on air pretty much 24/7 playing roots rockers reggae with a smattering of other genres. Listen out in between the music for 'jingles' including my collection of Bikini Beach sound bites featuring the girls and "Crystal Dave". To listen simply go to and click to listen - enjoy!

11th March 2006

Zoe French & Emily Clark both appeared in 'Footballers Wifes' this week.

Unfortunatley the 'Digital Spy' Bikini Beach thread has now been renamed for general Quiz & Gaming show fans. This thread was often the only way people could find info on Bikini Beach via a search engine.

27th Febuary 2006

Apparently Polish Bikini Beach can be seen late at night, possibly between 11pm & 1am? The new (English) Bikini Beach has not started yet but Oreke & Zoe have been seen on Roulette and Anna on Destiny (see Captures ). Some Pictures of Oreke & Emily have been put in the Photos section.

16th January 2006

Some tests have been seen over the weekend for what we believe to be the rumoured Polish Bikini Beach.

Last night (Sunday) 'chorleycake' spotted a girl testing on Sky channel 278. The animated picture above shows what was seen Saturday afternoon on Ch.232 with the producer (Bikini God) testing the sound. Lets hope this channel will complement our English Beach viewing!

13th January 2006

As promised we had Zoe & Emily again Tuesday, the lovely Kristina with Zoe Wednesday and a suprise return of Oreke with Zoe on Thursday. Tonight the show started at 8pm with a silent Oreke for 10 mins until the screen went blank & the sound was reset! She changed with Zoe at 9 so it looks like no Casey Paul.

9th January 2006

Bikini Beach returns at 9pm on channel 232 with the lovely Zoe French & Emily Clark. The show has a slightly faster pase than the original 2005 version with more solutions per hour but still has its charm. The 'hoola' background music is currenlty missing but we look forward to its return along with Kristina & Casey later in the week. Some screen shots have been added to the Captures section. Thumbs up (no carry on jokes please!) to a great first night of the return of Bikini Beach!

6th January 2006 - Statement from Friendly TV:-

"For initially one week Bikini Beach will be on our screens next week 9pm-12pm on HollywoodTV.
The presenter lineup will be

Mon Zoe, Emily
Tues Zoe, Emily
Wed Zoe, Kristina
Thur Zoe, Cassey
Fri Zoe, Cassey

This will be the static beach but we will have soon the real beach set (2-3 weeks)

2nd January 2006 - Happy New Year Bikini Beach Fans!

Site updated with the submitted internet movie database (IMDb) entry (click here). We have new Photos sent in by Zoe French as well as more Ashly Ray in the press and Oreke spotted on GMTV.

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