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Joined 26th March 2005 - Left 8th September 2005
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Full Name Anna Fowler D.O.B. 29th Feb 1980? (Deal, Kent)
School Nick Name 'Fat Fowler' 'Spam Head' Billy Bowler, Spanner Fave Prop fernandos hat
Fave Film "Too many! Battle Royale, Big, The Goonies, Shawshank,
E.T, Jaws, Requiem for a Dream.........Ahhhh look what you have started!"
Fave TV Prog "Bikini Beach (of course!)"
Fave Film Star "Jack Nicholson" Fave TV (Child) "Press Gang!"
Fave Music "All music from the Police to Mylo" Interviewed 1st August 2005 - Thanks Anna!
Height 5'9" Dress 10
Bust 34e Waist 26
Hips 34 Shoes 6
Hair Brown Dk Eyes Brown
Catch Phrases, Bloopers & Quotes
Drape! as in curtains.......or.......draping myself over the bonnet of a no not that ive ever done that.......never"
[referring to training bike] "My bottom feels like it's going to implode, I think that's like exploding,
only inwards"
"We are now playing- what is it called? - Smelly Stars."
"I thought the word might be 'TART' after you Ashly"
"What's the time, can I get my boobs out yet? <blush/giggle>" [reffering to wind up plastic toy]
"Welcome to bikini bitch"

"Eating them, yeah, that's the only problem I have with crabs"
"They used to call me Fat Fowler at school"
"I'm known for my burping!"
"Some people may think that I'm a little bit lesbian"
"FOWL? - a baby Deer"
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