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Joined March 2005 - Left 11th September 2005 - Returned 9th Jan 2006
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Full Name Zoe French D.O.B. 4th May 1986 (London/Portsmouth)
School Nick Name Horse / Slap Head, Spachelor Face Fave Prop Shell Phone, McGregor the Dog, etc etc
Fave Film Leon Fave TV Prog The Office
Fave Film Star Al Pacino Fave TV (Child) Care Bears
Fave Music Indie & Rock Interviewed 10th July 2005
Height 6'1"/1.85 Dress 10-12/38-40
Bust 34E/86 Waist 26/66
Hips 34/86 Shoes 8.5/43
Hair Blonde Eyes Green
Catch Phrases, Bloopers & Quotes (Older quotes removed by request)
"Where does the air come from when it comes out of a hair dryer?"
"Cortney Love - I thought she was dead? No, she's just put on a lot of weight"
"Is it G for.....Gorgeous pyjama bottoms? Are you wearing pyjama bottoms right now? Well I hope you are young man"
"I know a lot of people who know me"
"Use whichever arm is free in your straitjacket and give us a call"
'If a stalker cut my dogs head off I would still take it for a walk'
"£8000 jackpot - you need to pick up that phone and start dying... DYING?! No - don't die please. No - start DIALLING.. sorry - I spat everywhere then"
"When i'm chatting like this, for ages and ages, talking about bla de bla de bla bla bla, bla bla bla bla bla bla, bla de bla bla bla bla blaaa bla bla, that means the lines are quiet"
Dave (25/07/05)
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