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Full Name Claira Elizabeth Hermet D.O.B. 27th June1983 (Colchester, Essex - UK)
School Nick Name "miss piggy, helmet, fatty (a bit rude, it's due to my surname)" Rah
Fave Prop "Edmund and piggit!!!!!"
Fave Film "FRIDAY"
Fave TV Prog "BB oh and i love americas next top model"
Fave Film Star "Will Smith mmmmm"
Fave TV (Child) "Neighbours, still love it"
Fave Music "i like every thing but mostly
hip hop, R&B, Dance hall"
Interviewed "Just like to say thanks to every one for keeping us entertain with your comments, oh and Zoe if you read this please give my pants BACK!!!!!!!"
15th August 2005 - Thanks Claira!
Height 5'8" Dress 8/10
Bust 34D Waist 25"
Hips 36" Shoes 7
Hair Brown Eyes Blue
Catch Phrases, Bloopers & Quotes
"I get very excited when I have something in my hand"
"No one wants to play with me tonight, that's fine I'll play with myself"
'A Parrot is inteligent, but not quiet as inteligent as me'
"I only charge fifty pounds an hour............ for gardening that is!"
"I'm wearing poo tonight, do you like it?" [Perfume!]
'll put some crabs in Zoe's bikini, thats if there's none already there!'
"Fokely, dokely, dokes!"
"My hair's got stuck in my microwave...err, microphone!"
"God didn't give me a bum like this for nothing!"
"I've been out of Essex too long!"
"I'm Essex born and raised...or should I say born and crazed?!"
Dave B 01/10/05
Cybervamyre 01/10/05
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