Presenter Profiles : Ashly
Feb 2005 to Oct 2005
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Full Name Ashly Rae D.O.B. 14th Aug 1984? (Born Aberdeen, Scotland)
School Nick Name Sting 'Rae' Fave Prop "My flower cos i like to stroke the petals"
Fave Film "Scream trilogy (Yes, I love scary movies)"
Fave TV Prog "The Office or Desperate housewives"
Fave Film Star "Jessica Simpson" Fave TV (Child) "Noddy and Dinobabies (infact i still like them both)"
Fave Music "I actually love country Randy Travis is a legend!!!"
Interviewed 18th July 2005 (Thanks Ashly!)
Height 5'10"
Dress 10
Bust 34DD
Waist 26"
Hips 36"
Shoes 6
Hair Auburn Eyes Hazel
Catch Phrases, Bloopers & Quotes
"Have you ever ridden a Ass?" (to bikini god)
'My favourite part of a Sunday lunch is the stuffing'
"Get on that phone or I'll be destined to a life of celibacy"
"At the end of the day, I have..... a Cactus"
"Call now before Zoe comes back - because she smells"
"I think there's people smoking crack over there"
"Everyone is appreciating my fandango this evening"

"ooh yes i like cucumbers"
"If i was an animal I would be a horse, so I could get ridden all day long"

"L for Lick me all over because i taste of strawberries and chocolate sauce"

"I would love to give you all this juicy jubilant money so you can put it down your trousers"

"I'm all on my ownsome like a lonesome tiger in the desert, searching for food and only finding frogs, cause we all know that lions and tigers don't eat frogs"
Dave B. (25/09/05)
Dave B. (25/09/05)
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