Presenter Profiles : Casey
1st May 2005 to 19th Sept 2005
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Full Name Casey Paul D.O.B. 17. 05. 1981 (Windsor)
School Nick Name "Casey lasey" Fave Prop "Banana phone!"
Fave Film "Dirty dancing" Fave TV Prog "bikini beach!!! ha ha"
Fave Film Star "Brad Pitt" Fave TV (Child)  
Fave Music "RnB / Hip hop & old cheesy classics" Interviewed 25th Aug 2005 - Thanks Casey!
Height 5' 7" Dress Size 8
Bust 32 C Waist 26
Hips tbc Shoes 4
Hair Fair Eyes Blue
Catch Phrases, Bloopers & Quotes
" that a word?"
"Go away, or I'll swat you with my fly, red cross"

"maybe I'll start my own bikini beach web site and put myself on it"
Mr. McMahon
Mr. McMahon
Mr. McMahon

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