Bikini Beach caller Profiles : Dave
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Full Name Dave From Surrey
aka 'Crystal Dave', 'Rabbit Farm Dave' Traits Monotone Voice
Catch Phrases / Known Info / Comments / Quotes

Dave is a regular caller, possibly more often when Anna & Zoe are on. He first become noticable for his monotone, almost emotionless, voice. He would reply that he would spend any winnings on a Rabbit Farm "for money & pleasure". It isn't known if he has ever won but he keeps trying! Recently he has stated he would spend any winnings on......

The Forth Crystal

When asked why he stated "you need all four to get the energy". When asked what he would do with the energy he stated "I can't tell you".

Dave on Sunbathing

When asked if he had been soaking up the sun he replied he had. Whan asked where he replied "I've been in my sitting room". When asked how was he soaking up the sun then he replied "I got a window"

Dave on Clubbing

Hi Dave, how are you? "yeaah". Have you been out tonight? "No". What have you been doing? "Sitting". Sitting doing what? "Nufing"

Dave on Flirting

Anna & Zoe are flirting & Anna puts her hair in her mouth... Dave asks "Why are you eating your hair?" Anna replies (both girls are giggling) "because it's sexy". There's a silent gap from Dave & then the phone line goes dead :-)

Dave on Homelife

Recently Dave was asked if he lived at home with his mother. He replied she lives at home with him. Emily asked if he had a roast dinner today (Sunday)? "Yeeaaahhs". Was it tasty? "noooo".

Dave's Rabbits

Update: Last week Dave got two Rabbits but hasn't given them names, although he talks to them "they don't talk back". When asked if he would shoot them he replied "no that's cruel, you have to stun them". He would "invest" any winnings in the Rabbits but wouldn't elaborate how..

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