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Bloody Idiot
Digital Spy Alais DIABOLIC Age 43 (Yes the picture is not new!)
Real Name Dave Bullock From

Born: Canvey Island, Essex
Now: Southend-on-Sea, Essex

Home Site(s)
Fave Presenters Anna , Zoe ,
Claira , Charlotte ,
Kristina , Elisa ,
Ashly, Emily
Why I like BB Unpretentious, so bad it's good!, friendly presenters willing to talk to viewers & not take themselves too seriously, sometimes almost like a pirate tv station, no commercial breaks, good wallpaper TV, Cult tv!
Cheesy 'chat up' line to a Presenter "I assure you Miss Fowler I was not going through your rubbish"
If you won the lottery & could employ all the Presenters, what would their jobs be? In my Dream Mansion:
P.A.: Anna, Entertainment: Zoe, Instructor: Kristina,
Chaufer: Charlotte, French Maids: Ashly & Emily,
Personal Fitness trainer: Claira
If your fave presenter is reading your profile, why should they go out with you? Well I'm married so you can only wish ladies!!!! ;)

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