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Digital Spy Alais FFSDNM Age 34
Real Name Keef From

Born: Chelmsford
Now: Braintree, Essex

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Fave Presenters

Claira, Anna , Zoe

Why I like BB Just find it strangely mesmerising, and find some of the things that Anna and Claira come out with hilarious.
Cheesy 'chat up' line to a Presenter "Claira, isn't it about time you stopped sitting on the sun-lounger and joined me on the sofa?"
If you won the lottery & could employ all the Presenters, what would their jobs be? I'd run Bikini-Island from my luxury apartment complex, giving
them all ludicrous wages and an apartment each. I'd insist that Claira be my PA tho!
If your fave presenter is reading your profile, why should they go out with you? Why wouldn't you? I'm single, earn decent money and am good fun to be with!

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