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Digital Spy Alais Cybervampyre
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Age Immortal, lost count years ago.
(That or I'm 30)
Real Name Kain Bloodomen
(Or it could be Jason)

Somewhere dark and moody
(or Nottingham)

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Anna, Claira, Ashly, Charlotte & Zoe

Why I like BB I still don't know how this program can be so addictive, but it is. Though I can firmly say most of it is down to the lovely (and sexy) ladies that present it and their ability to prattle on about nothing for an
hour at a time and make it interesting (especially my fave five).
Cheesy 'chat up' line to a Presenter Immortality is great Anna, so if you ever want some Vampyre in you..... (You did say cheesy!)
If you won the lottery & could employ all the Presenters, what would their jobs be? Umm can I just put mistresses next to all?
(from editor- Yes!)
If your fave presenter is reading your profile, why should they go out with you? Because I'm immoral...oh sorry I mean immortal.
(Alternately because I'm fun, friendly, charming and don't mind them cavorting round in Bikini's and talking to strangers on the phone.)

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