Mascot Profiles : Piggit
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Pig Face
Alais Piggit Age Unknown
Real Name Piggit From

Bikini Beach

Home Site(s) Zoe read out Fave Presenters

Claira & Zoe but not Charlotte!

Why I like BB The girls squeeze me & fiddle with my ear(s)
Cheesy 'chat up' line to a Presenter "Hey Baby, wanna scratch my pork?"
If you won the lottery & could employ all the Presenters, what would their jobs be? Employ Charlotte to repair my damaged ear, Zoe to feed me Pork Scratchings & Claira as my Body Guard.
If your fave presenter is reading your profile, why should they go out with you? I don't tell porkies & I make anyone look good next to me.

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