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This Photo was the original picture uploaded to what became!
Claira's favourite Bikini Beach Mascot Riz, chilling out to Anna

Wellington with Charlotte

Annabella chilling out to Roulette
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Poem by 'thegermanguy' Gerhard:

Who is the gazelle of the screen?
who has legs so beautiful and lean?
it ain't my aunties Sal and Doe
it is the beautiful and loveley Zoe

Whose hair is just so blonde and lush
it would even make Rapunzel blush
it is not a false wig wearer
the loveley Zoe is it's bearer

Who has eyes like stars that shine
so beautiful you can't decline
such features has not everyone
to Zoe they belong alone

Who has a mouth you can't stop kissing
whose lips are those you're ever missing
do look above you not below
those are Zoe's you must know

Who has curves so swell and fetching
man could go blind only by watching
it ain't my aunties Sal and Doe
it is the beautiful and lovely Zoe

"The Devil finds work for (sad) idle hands!" (Well it was raining) Website author Dave paddles on Canvey Island Beach with the presenters
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The welcome Screen - Click for the Hawaian Music

We want the Beach!
Advert for The Gym (c) Daily Star

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Atomic Kitten Liz & Charlotte
Secret Twins - by fernando
"Oh to be in Charlotte's world,
Where life is simple and sweet.
The only trouble she must know is finding her own street"

Charlotte lookalike? Sent in by Mr. McMahon

Lookalikes? - Emily & Helen Noble

Anna & Kelly - Posh Sisters?

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