Fun Page 3 - Roulette
"The excitement of 'Roulette!" - concept by fernando

When Zoe first appeared on Roulette she looked bored out of her mind - part of the inspiration for this section! As seen here she now shines & seems to really enjoy presenting it, making it impossible to get a suitable shot! Below are some less complementary shots.

Emily dreaming of the Beach

Parkibald sent this in - Elisa looking Ecstatic playing Roulette

Even Claire's new hair style can't keep her spirits up!

Oreke looks happy?

Ashly can hardly keep her eyes open

Casey cleverly disguises her yawn?

Jenifer Karen overcome with excitement

Anna grins & bears it!
This section was for fun and in no way implied any of the girls didn't enjoy the show! Since this section was made the show has now changed to a much better chatty format anchored by Chris, Gareth, Chantel plus others.

'It doesn't rhyme' by thegermanguy

Oh Zoe,
When I see you on Roulette
Without a smile, a cheer, a joke
Like being imprisoned on that screen
It makes me sad

Oh Zoe
When I remember all that fun
We had on the beach
All that laughing and joking
I miss it so much

Oh Zoe
I don't want that ugly gym
I'd like to get the hammock back
The hut and the cocktails
And the sun

Oh Zoe
You made my evenings so much nicer
Raised my spirits
Brought light to my heart
Made me live

Oh Zoe
If you don't come back
Left us for good
I think
I am going to cry

Roulette Renegade!

Chris from Roulette in a Rachel Stevens music video for a song called 'Never say never again'. Thanks to chorleycake & John Ashburton for Screenshots.

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