Naughty Pages (Adults Only!)
Kristina & Claira - unlucky 13th Sept 2005 - Thanks to straliss440 for picture

Phone Ashly Rae - Thanks to John A. for Shot

What happens when you press the Red Button?
Emily on TVX
Emily on TVX - Thanks to 'stralis440' for these excellent shots!

Flirt hotline

Adverts on Men & Motors etc - Thanks to John A. for Pictures!

Sex Line advert on TV featuring our Ashly - Picture thanks to Parkibald!

Apparently Ashly read the 3rd name out! - Picture thanks to Parkibald

Early Bikini Beach Spoof - Complements from fernando :)

8th July 2005 - Emily pops out

Some other funny things heard on the show in the past:

"For a Barrel of glazed Cherrys I would love you long time"
09012 9888 if you wanna smell my flower"
"That was quick, just like my ex-boyfriend"
'Don't get too exited yet & stain your carpet'
'I remember when I was 10, smoking crack and giving head to the local guys at the petrol station.'
'If you phone in the next 4mins I will eat a flower, or I'll put it somewhere no man has ever been before'
"If you get this answer wrong I will kill your family"
'If you don't know the answer ring a friend or your mother. If she's dead ask at her graveside'
"How's the weather there?" (ans: "a bit wet") "I know how you feel"
'You can burn your K0ran all you mus1ms as there's only one God, the bikini God!'
"Pick up the phone and give me a call. It doesn't matter what you're doing, what you look like, I'll love you all the same. I'm not that fussy anymore. We only have Pablo here - its been a long time"
"Rebecca Loos was on that programme on channel 5 wasnt she where she wanked a pig off ......what??...... thats not a bad word is it? I say that all the time...thats not a bad word!"
'It's okay to say wank after 8 o'clock'